James Coates
UX & Web Strategist

James Coates - UX & Web Strategist
James is the original founder of Impact from way back in 2003. Starting with an iMac G4, Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Dreamweaver. Tables were his friend.

James built his first website in 1999 on GeoCities to promote himself as a DJ. In 2001 he was working in marketing and promotions at a nightclub, which is where he learnt his trade as a graphic designer. Designing flyers and posters before taking control of the company website and falling in love with the web and starting Impact Media is 2003.

James is passionate about making the web easy to use and creating better online 'frustration-free' experiences. He helps onboard new clients and shares his experience in ensuring websites we deliver are easy to use and conversion-friendly.

When not working, you're most likely to find him watching films or playing Dad with his 3 kidlets.

James Coates - UX & Web Strategist
Key Facts
#1 Fun Fact
WIll never turn down a Guess the song or film challenge.
#2 Forgotten Achievement
Ex-Flower Arranging Champion
#3 Karaoke Number
(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher by Jackie Wilson
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