Martin Coates
Technical Director

Martin Coates - Technical Director
Martin is Impact's Technical Director. Starting out in IT world, he moved into Web Development. He is obsessed with website performance, and providing our clients fast, secure and easy to manage websites.

Background & Skills

Martin was nightowling as a developer for Impact whilst running his own IT support business back in 2005. Where Martin would develop websites for his commercial clients, he called upon James to provide the graphical side. He became part of Impact officially in 2006.


Martin is a keen golfer and plays several times a year (more if he could). He also likes spinning the wheels of steel and in a past life before kids used to DJ regularly and played at Ministry of Sound as well as many high profile night spots.

Martin Coates - Technical Director
Key Facts
#1 Fun Fact
DJ'd at Ministry of Sound
#2 Forgotten Achievement
Martin won a Colouring Competition in 1993 which won him a train journey anywhere in the UK
#3 Karaoke Number
Angels by Robbie Williams
Articles & Insights Written by Martin