Joe Dawson
Head of Digital

Joe Dawson - Head of Digital


Joe first got into design at school by creating MySpace profiles for his friends, and his passion grew from there. He then built his first full website, for his school, for their '5 A-Day' scheme.

He's been designing and building websites ever since for work and in his spare time.


As Head of Digital at Impact, Joe is involved in projects from the planning stage, then taking them into UX and wireframing, and finally into design. From time to time he also gets involved with development.

He likes to attend as many WordPress conferences as possible, to continuously build on his expertise.


In his spare time Joe spends an obscene amount of time playing computer games online, both casually and competitively.

He's always designing and building websites at any opportunity, so has numerous side projects, and has built a number of Laravel packages, accumulating almost 50,000 downloads

Joe Dawson - Head of Digital
Key Facts
#1 Fun Fact
Published Poet
#2 Forgotten Achievement
Once played the recorder at Cliffs Pavilion
#3 Karaoke Number
Avoids karaoke at all costs
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