Richard Ramirez
WordPress Developer

Richard Ramirez - WordPress Developer
Richard is a WordPress Developer, with a keen thirst for knowledge and growing his skillset. He loves WordPress for its great usability.

Background & Skills

Richard started out his career in technical support, where he was tasked with creating online systems for the company he worked for. That is how he discovered his passion for web development and PHP. After that he moved into the industry, developing online applications. He then discovered his love for WordPress, which eventually led him to Impact.

WordPress became his platform of choice, due to its user friendliness, how it plays well with browsers, and because it offers so many great features.

He loves his role due to the nonstop innovation, and the new ideas and skills he gains with every project.

Richard chose Impact for the opportunity it gives him to learn new things every day. He loves that he het to work with a team of professionals who will push him and support him to take on new and challenging opportunities.


When not at work, you'll probably find Richard playing basketball and volleyball. If the tropical climate of his home in the Philippines means rain, he can be found enjoying computer games.

Richard is very green fingered and likes to start his days by watering his plants, whilst drinking a nice cup of coffee. 

Richard Ramirez - WordPress Developer
Key Facts
#1 Fun Fact
Basketball Referee
#2 Forgotten Achievement
A lucky streak, means he has a knack for winning the grand prize in raffles
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