Take control of your preview images when sharing your WordPress pages and posts on social media. A 4 minute video can teach you how to change the image within the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress.

Scrolling through Linkedin recently I witnessed a recruitment agency who are pretty frequent with posting their job roles, not capitalising on customising the open graph or preview image that appears when their page was shared on social media.

What image am I talking about?

Typically when you share a link on Facebook or Twitter, a preview appears that looks a bit like this:

WordPress Training Videos - Using Yoast To Alter Preview Images

The image is pulled from the website and unless selected by the website owner, the social channel will automatically choose an image to use from the website – this maybe the hero image or in the example case I have been discussing; the company logo.

Now what’s the problem with sharing the company logo you ask? Well nothing, as it is great brand awareness, however in a sea of images a repetition of several posts in a row will just become noise. With nothing to fight for your attention, the image actually becomes fairly redundant.

With this WordPress tip, we want to show how you can make more of an impact on your social channels, when sharing pages from your WordPress website.

Before watching the video, please note we are recommending using Yoast SEO plugin, you can achieve the same results with the Free version, you don’t necessarily need to upgrade to the pro.

What Is Yoast?

Chances are if you have a WordPress website, you have this plugin installed. Yoast has been downloaded 40 million times. If you have ever wondered what it was, then this is only a snippet of how it can help your website.

If you’re not familiar with it at all – then it is a SEO plugin for WordPress that allows you to customise individual page titles, meta descriptions and more. What you need to know is that SEO and digital marketing agencies love using it, as it makes their job quicker and easier. So if you haven’t got it yet feel free to get in touch we can help install it, if you cannot or would rather not do this yourself.

5 Benefits of Customising The Image?

1. Although you no doubt always customise the wording in your social post, images actually gain more attention. Scroll through your newsfeed, what grabs your attention first? The copy or the image?
2. Provide a reinforcement of your message by including some of the messaging within the image.
3. When you share an image directly, on click Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin all enlarge the image, if you were to embed the image within the link, when the user clicks the image, they are directed to your website.
4. By customising the image, you can design a call to action or button within the image, increasing the chances of users clicking the image to visit your page.
5. By changing your image for every page you share, you can break free of the constant noise, and like the recruitment agency mentioned above, provide your followers with fresh and relevant messaging related to the page that are trying to direct them to.


Yoast is a fantastic plugin and one we always install within every new WordPress build. We have more content and a helpful guide coming soon to help marketers understand how they can ‘Make the Most of Yoast’

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