GDPR Privacy Policy Templates
WordPress Maintenance 2 Minute Read

GDPR Privacy Policy Templates

Working towards ensuring your website is GDPR compliant, updating your privacy policy will play an important role. Here’s a Privacy Policy template to help begin your GDPR Compliant journey.

James Coates - 17th May 2018
WordPress Maintenance 2 Minute Read

A guide to help your WordPress website become GDPR Compliant.

If your WordPress website collects personal data or integrates with other 3rd party applications then there is a very good chance this guide will be helpful.

Martin Coates - 3rd May 2018
Is Your WordPress website for the mobile-first index? - Impact Media
WordPress Maintenance 8 Minute Read

Google’s Mobile-First Index is coming. Is your WordPress website ready?

This has been a long time coming, and since mobile devices now equate to 52.8% of all web traffic compared to 43.26% Desktop traffic; it’s now time your website started thinking mobile first. If it doesn’t, Google will be soon dropping your website from their search results.

James Coates - 18th January 2018
WordPress reCAPTCHA v1 Upgrade - Impact Media
WordPress Maintenance 7 Minute Read

Websites Using reCAPTCHA V1 Need To Upgrade Before March 31st 2018

If your website uses ReCaptcha V1 you’ll need to upgrade it before March 31st 2018 to ensure your contact forms continue to function correctly.

James Coates - 16th January 2018
Has your Wordpress website got an SSL certificate? - Impact Media
Wordpress Support 6 Minute Read

Avoid Your Visitors seeing Red on your WordPress website with SSL encryption.

Google will be soon punishing website owners without SSL certificates or a HTTPS connection; here’s what you need to know to avoid having your website publicly shamed.

James Coates - 24th October 2017
Are you doing these 9 things with your Wordpress website ?
Wordpress Support 7 Minute Read

Are you doing these 9 things with your WordPress website ?

Managing a Wordpress website can take time out of your day to keep maintained and healthy. Are you doing any of these 9 things in your Wordpress website ?

Martin Coates - 9th October 2017
High Traffic Spikes cause your wordpress website to crash
Wordpress Support 4 Minute Read

Would a high traffic spike put your website on the ropes?

If your website goes down constantly from large traffic spikes then learn how to avoid downtime from autoscaling, our AWS infrastructure and website support

James Coates - 3rd May 2017
Small changes can create a competitive advantage
Branding, Business, Strategy 3 Minute Read

Craft new USP’s out of the smallest of changes.

Implementing small changes can become an attractive USP for businesses that enable brands to fight over experience and not price.

James Coates - 9th February 2017
What Businesses Can Learn From Pokemon Go
Digital 6 Minute Read

Pokemon Go – What Businesses Can Learn

We take a look at the latest digital craze; Pokemon Go and provide some insight into what businesses can learn from the games’ technology or strategy.

James Coates - 26th July 2016
Poor experience and product diversification can damage your brand
Branding 3 Minute Read

Are poor experiences damaging your brand?

Whether you are pushing out Groupon deals or introducing new products and services to capture new business; are the experiences consistent with your customer’s brand expectations?

James Coates - 18th July 2016