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Organise your WordPress media library with WP Media Folder

by James

June 25, 2018

We love WordPress (obviously) but the media library does frustrate us with its lack of organisation. Well if it frustrates you to, then you’ll love WP Media Folder.

WordPress is the perfect content publishing tool, we love it and so do millions of others, but when you are creating many images in different sizes for different positions… well it can get confusing and time consuming checking the files to see which ones which. Trying to reuse an older image, well that’s an even longer process.

Introducing WP Media Folder

This premium plugin takes the headache away and keeps everything neatly organised within the existing Media Library.

Create folders for images like ‘Hero Banners’ ‘Thumbnails’ etc. If you have a WooCommerce store, this plugin will be an absolute godsend keeping your product photos organised too.

Top Reasons Why We Love WP Media Folder

1. Works within the existing Media Library
2. Great user interface, very similar to Google Drive
3. Create folders and move images with ease
4. Organise, Sort & Arrange Your Media
5. Option to add watermarks to images
6. Works with Visual Composer, Divi Builder & Other Leading Page Builders.
7. Multilingual ready
8. Batch edit image information (great for SEO)
9. Integrates with Google Drive & Dropbox

Plugin Cost:
$39 with 1 year’s support & updates. If you choose the additional add on version which allows the integration with Google Drive among other features, this option is still only $59. Bargain.

Worth the yearly fee?
For the time it will save, definitely.

Where Can You Buy It?
Because this plugin is premium / paid only it is not available on the WordPress repository, so can be purchased from the Developers direct on link below.


We love a plugin, so be sure to catch up on next month’s featured plugin. However in the meantime if you are interested in installing the plugin on your website, please feel free to get in touch on 01268 858292, we’d love to help you.


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