How we’re trying to extend the donation opportunities for our coffee morning to help raise even more funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Impact Media's Essex Coffee Morning for Macmillan Cancer Support

Friday September 30th we will be hosting Impact’s first Macmillan Coffee Morning and helping to raise important donations for a great cause, however this got us thinking on how we could further extend the donation opportunities and raise even more money.

Most businesses would be at work and taking time out of the office etc is sometimes difficult with commitments etc, so why limit the event to only the morning, when we can run for the entire week?!

3 Ways We’re Going To Make Our Morning Better.

We love better, it’s in our blood, so we’re always trying to think on how we can make the most from every opportunity. Here’s our 3 awesome ideas.

1. Our Menu Will Be Available All Week

We host multiple meetings each week at our studio so will be prompting attendees that any beverage or snack for meetings in the week commencing 26th September will be charged for, with the full amount raised going to Macmillan.

We’ve even updated our meeting menu, (with our new accessory we can now make latte’s and cappuccinos using our bean-to-cup Jura machine.)

Whether coffee, tea, Red Bull, bacon rolls or cupcakes there’s something for everyone on our menu… even Almond milk for the health conscious.

Download the menu here to see what’s on offer, or call 01268 858292 to schedule in a meeting to chat about your next project.

Impact Media Branded Cupcakes

2. Price Increase on our Internal Grub System

At Impact we have an internal subsidised food & drink order system that allows our team members to purchase snacks and drinks at wholesale cost to save travelling to and from the shops each day and paying retail prices.

Through the control panel once again for the entire week we’ll be increasing the cost on all purchases at the regular retail price, with all proceeds once again going to Macmillan 🙂

Impact Media's Internal Snack & Beverage System

3. Order A Coffee Online

For all those who can’t attend the morning or don’t have any projects to discuss, they can still get involved by pre-ordering a coffee online!

Yes, we’ve just ordered some new promotional mugs which are PINT SIZED. Literally the biggest mugs known to man and we’re going to bundle up one of our mugs with milk, coffee, sugar and even a stirrer and sell these via our website. Our aim to to launch the page at the beginning of September to allow the full month of online orders so that more people can join in Impact’s Macmillan Coffee Morning, even though they’re not attending.

Once again with all proceeds being donated to Macmillan.

Impact Media's Pint Sized Coffee Mug is available to buy with coffee sachets, sugar and milks to help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support

Getting Started

So that’s the plan, and we’ve got some work cut out for ourselves creating invitations, RSVP pages as well as ordering cakes and a mini ecommerce page for the site.

So I’ll end now by inviting anyone interested to register for their postal invitation, or to stay up-to-date on when the ecommerce page will be live to order their ‘Coffee To Go’.

Interested In Getting Involved?

Register below for your invitation to attend the morning, get updates on when you can purchase a coffee online
or schedule a meeting to discuss a project… whilst eating cake & drinking coffee 🙂

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