Big campaign, high traffic spike and no site; sound familiar?Whether you’ve personally experienced your website going down or been witness to a website falling over due to high demand, fact is; it does happen and more than you might think.

Impact Media Video Streaming Causing Website To Crash (Wordpress Support)

Streaming Live Football

I am a West Ham fan…shoot me. But when we made it into Europe for the first time in a very long while I was very eager to watch the first game.

Now the game was being streamed live on the Hammer’s website, something they had never been done before. I was excited.

A couple of minutes into the game and wham…website is down.

"He Dived Ref"

The game was being streamed free, with no ‘sign in’ access or pre-requests. This meant they had no idea how many fans may want to watch the game. Now West Ham has a fairly large fanbase and it appeared that every fan wanted to tune in to watch the game. But the poor website could not handle the traffic, and it went down like a premier league football player in the penalty box.

Full Stream Ahead

On the same day, the Daily Mail was streaming the game. After moving to see if their feed was down I managed to continue watching the game with no lag and no loss of picture.

The Daily Mail are used to receiving high traffic and their infrastructure can easily support video streaming. Every time some crazy video hits the news, the Daily Mail will have it and are prepared for high traffic spikes.

It's Not Just Football

I subscribed to watch the Antony Joshua VS Klitchko fight and strangely enough the same thing happened. Minutes in and whilst awaiting the National Anthem; the stream crashed.

This was something I didn’t expect from Sky but after reading quite a few tweets it wasn’t just me and had happened before. I was streaming through my Now Tv box which no doubt has a different delivery method to the way that TV subscribers watched the fight.

Fortunately the stream was back up in a few minutes missing practically the first round – which for a Joshua fight could have been the fight! But for a paid subscription streaming service this is not acceptable, and yet something as short as a few minutes can seriously damage the reputation of the brand.

How to Avoid Downtime

Most hosting setups are fairly straight-forward and have a single server which, when overloaded will crash.

What your website will need is an autoscaling service that spins up another server automatically when a certain traffic threshold is getting close to being exceeded.

Seems very obvious yet a majority of businesses have not yet adapted to this approach.

In early 2017 after nearly 9 months configuring; Impact launched our new AWS infrastructure.

We moved our existing dedicated server setup from Rackspace to Amazon cloud (AWS – Amazon Web Services).

Our new AWS setup has planned failovers, added security measures and is built ready for traffic spikes whenever they arise.

An Example Infrastructure

If you are like Impacter Martin and love to look at the techy details… Then feel free to give us a call or drop us an email and we can send a full diagram and explanation of our Infrastructure. Even some further information on our Unlimited Support Plans.

So how do you ensure your website is always up and running and prepared for traffic spikes?

If your website is critical to your business, you stream video or simply cannot afford downtime when spikes occur… Then speak to your host and ask about autoscaling and see how their setup can handle traffic spikes. Ask about firewalls too. If they have a system in place then sit back and put your feet up.

Alternatively, if your setup is not ready, or you are looking for additional support to move your Wordpress website. Then give us a call on 01268 858292 or drop your details below. We can help explain the process of migrating your website and getting on board with Impact.

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