Helping Switched On Insurance achieve a clean user interface and style guide for their gadget insurance website

Switched On Insurance

SwitchedOn Insurance are one of the UK’s leading gadget insurance providers insuring over 500,000 devices in 2015. We helped them deliver their initial website after first launching the brand in 2012.

Gadget Insurance Website Design for Switched On Insurance

Project Background

After creating an initial version of the website internally the SwitchedOn team approached Impact to assist in providing some creative ideas and to help produce the overall user interface design for the internal team to develop and using the various styles created to produce further landing pages and other content areas as the site expands.

Reviewing Their Existing Website

The team already had a website that was operational which was created internally by their in-house developers. They were struggling to create balance with the design although knew the content and structure of what needed to be present.

After viewing what they had, we were keen to help restore balance to the page, with heavily reducing the logo size and positioning aswell as simplifying the content layout / hierachy.

We also felt the identity had too many colours for the company to be positioned as a premium market leader.

Gadget Insurance Website Design for Switched On Insurance

Developing The Logo

Before beginning our journey in creating the new page designs we wanted to confirm the colour palette and the logo that would be used within the website and other marketing moving forward.

The mark was in our eyes 90% there, although we wanted to simplify the colour palette, removing the green as well as repositioning the logotype slightly further away from the brandmark to provide some further breathing space, whilst also marginally reducing the size of the brandmark which provided greater balance.

We also opted to remove the tagline from the logo as it failed to be seen at a small size, where the tagline could be positioned independently on the same page or next to logo dependent on application size.

Switched On Insurance Logo Development

Creating the Re-Designed Homepage

With technology at the heart of their business we felt a simplistic and clean interface was required, very Apple inspired. Using the existing content provided by the SO team we introduced clearer hierachy of important content and focused on call to action areas and buttons being made the main brand blue colour.

By providing larger headline fonts and clearer buttons we were able to funnel users far easier into clicking to obtaining a quote.

Gadget Insurance Website Design for Switched On Insurance

Delivering The UI For Their Quote Engine

Working with Switched On’s proven formula for their sales funnel, we cherry coated everything making the design far cleaner and easy to use pushing more users through to the next stage.

Gadget Insurance Website Design for Switched On Insurance

Providing Creative Hero Banners for Their Various Product Landing Pages

Along with the main UI for the quote engine, the guys were looking for some versatile hero banners and landing pages that could be used for adhoc purposes as well as a comparison page and generic content page.

Gadget Insurance Website Design for Switched On Insurance

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