Have you updated your privacy policy yet in relation to the upcoming GDPR regulation change? If the answer is no, then we have some good news for you.

GDPR Privacy Policy Templates Download

With the GDPR deadline edging closer each day, one of the tasks associated with your website’s journey to GDPR compliance, is an updated privacy policy.

Impact Media have partnered with GDPR Privacy Policy to provide a discount code on their library of templates that include a privacy policy and cookie policy.

These templates can provide the foundation for your business to modify based around your website’s features / functions or the way your website collects data.

Using the code IMPACTMEDIA at checkout will provide a £15 discount from either their Basic or Premium package, priced £150+vat and £200+vat respectively.

Do you know what plugins collect data on your website?

A website audit will investigate what plugins collect data, what cookies are used to track visitor behavior and what data is being collected and where it is being stored. This information is helpful for completing your GDPR privacy policies.

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