Top Tool Recommendations for Working Remotely.

by Martin

March 20, 2020

We understand at times like this remote working can be something new and possibly very challenging.

Over the last 5 years, we have tried and tested numerous remote working software/applications that have helped us communicate and collaborate with staff and clients all over the world.

Below is a list of tools you may find helpful if you and your business are working remotely.

Some offer free plans with most having premium / paid features.

If trials are available we recommend testing and if you need to scratch our heads then, by all means, reach out to us –

You can contact us by emailing Me on

Communication Channel for staff and clients

Slack – Visit Slack

We use this for creating channels/chat rooms with staff and clients to discuss projects. It is web-based and can also be installed on mobile devices.

Whereby – Visit Whereby

We use this service for online meetings with clients which enables us to share screens, share files and very easy for customers to connect to without having to install any other software. Great for holding grouped calls with video or without.

Skype – Visit Skype

The Impact Team use Skype each day for our 15 minutes stand up to discuss project statuses. We also use this for client communication where clients have called from their PC, mobile or tablet.

Email Services (Cloud Based)

Microsoft Hosted Exchange 365 – Visit Microsoft 365

If you just need email and your current emails are located inside the office (with no way of connecting) then moving emails over Exchange 365 could be worth a move to have access on your mobile and online web version whilst keeping all emails from all devices in sync.

Recommended Action – IT Company to help if moving email service providers.

Google Mail / G Suite  Visit G Suite

Similar to Microsoft Exchange but if you sign up for Google Suite you will get Email and Storage for online file management (Google Drive) – Which we use as well.

Recommended Action – IT Company to help if moving email service providers.

Data Storage

Google Drive – Visit Google Drive

Impact use this for storage of all of our internal and client data. It’s secure backed up and very easy for all the team to access. We can even share individual links to clients so they don’t need to expect large attachments in email etc.


Evernote – Visit Evernote

If you cannot find your notebook and run low on paper we love Evernote. It has electronic searchability and you can share your notes with others.

Loom – Visit Loom

A very simple tool we use for providing training resources for clients and we have even had a client use this tool to provide us with briefs and feedback on their Website projects. It records a video easily in browser and links can be sent externally.

Trello – Visit Trello

We used other project management based systems for time tracking, project tasks etc however Trello is very easy for you to collaborate with a to-do board and share with team members and clients.

Customer / Prospect Data Management

Hub Spot CRM – Visit HubSpot

A very easy to use online CRM for storing all customer/client contact information. Very easy to share with the team and make additional notes on a per-contact basis.


Many of the above tools will have integration abilities between each one to keep in sync and save time. I recommend you try out the services first before looking at the integration side as it some case you may have to upgrade your plans to accomplish this and you need to ensure you will benefit from it.

VPN Connectivity

Some business may still require access to their servers / electronic file storage from remote locations in which a Virtual Private Connection (VPN) could possibly be set up or a Remote Desktop to give you that ability.

I recommend you speak with your IT company on this possibility and if you need recommendations for IT companies then please do not hesitate to reach out and let us know.


We are all in this together and after it’s long over I’m sure that we’ll all be working far more productively and utilising so much more technology do run our day-to-day lives and job roles.

If you do need any further help or advice please feel free to get in touch, more than happy to advise.


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