Revamping Profile 2000’s 10 year old website to provide a new responsive solution built on Wordpress.

Helping the home improvement company gain validation and additional credibility with their customers by injecting new life into their forgotten web presence.

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Profile 2000 Double Glazing Windows Responsive Brochure Website

Brief Background

In 2007 Impact helped to launch Profile’s first website, a brochure site that was predominantly aimed at the window trade. With technical drawings and information that would baffle today’s consumer. Fast forward 10 years and Profile possessed a high street showroom and a heavy majority of their business was made up from domestic customers. The sales team told us how they avoided directing customers to their website due to the amount of technical information aimed at the trade, which may deter their domestic customers.

Our role was to completely modernise the website with a clear aim at targeting the domestic market. Ensuring the product offering was easy to understand, easy to request a quote and content rich to coincide with any quotes or information that had been provided by their sales representative.

Our Solution

With the previous website not being responsive or having any type of CMS, it was vital to allow the internal team to add and modify content within the website. We integrated Wordpress as a CMS and provided inhouse training to help onboard the team and familairise them with how they can add new products, news and other information.

We included a testimonials page as well as an integration with Trust A Trader to pull in their collected reviews to help provide additional validation at the ‘get a quote stage’.

The gallery area provided a quick overview of the projects that they delivered and each of the products provided key benefits to also persuade customers into why Profile’s product was superior over their competitors. Visually highlighting their main product USP’s to once again reinforce the message.

Overall the website acts as a secondary sales person, to reinforce their face to face sales message, as people would usually seek validation or may require additional persuasion before making a purchasing decision; the website provides a convenient way for customers to do this.

Profile 2000 Double Glazing Windows Responsive Brochure Website

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