Helping British Bakels launch their first consumer product website in their 100+ year history

British Bakels

British Bakels a 100+ year old supplier of bakery ingredients approached Impact Media to help them plan and create a bespoke mobile responsive website that would allow them to showcase their growing number of home baking products whilst also wayfinding users to purchase them online or instore.

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Project Background

The demand for Gluten Free products has grown drastically over the past few years, however only a very few chains or independent bakeries sell the products due to the kitchen / production facility needing a complete separation from regular wheat & gluten products to avoid contamination.

Due to the increased workload, cost and risk associated for the bakeries to produce gluten free products, many have opted not to produce them themselves; which is where Bakels Home Baking steps in.

Most coeliacs tend to prefer to bake their own products at home, where they can be 100% sure there’s no chance of contamination with gluten and also because pre-made products can be far more expensive. This is where Bakels home baking was born.

Bakels boasts that their free from bread tastes and shares the same texture as ordinary wheat based bread, which compared to many on the market is a blessing for those who love bread on a gluten free diet.

With a truly superior product, Bakels needed a website that was worthy of the brand.

Creating A Responsive Solution

The overall brief was to plan, create and develop a responsive consumer website for the home baking range, that allowed users to complete their purchase via Amazon. The design would be heavily influenced by the branded packaging that appeared in supermarkets across the UK.

The team required a CMS to update and modify content, embed YouTube videos, live Twitter feed and display recipes to help with their content and social strategy.

A stockist locater was also added to enable users to find where they can purchase products locally if they needed them ‘now’ or preferred not to purchase online.

Bakels Website Design Wireframe
An overview of the Desktop, Tablet & Mobile home wireframes.

Creating The User Interface To Coincide With The Product Packaging

After approving the user journey the team proceeded to provide the visual layouts for each of the required pages; again providing a viewport option to allow the Bakels’ team to see mockups of how the site will be delivered on tablet, mobile and desktop devices.

Bakels Home Baking Website Design
The finished home page design, targeting users in the direction of the product listing pages.

Showcasing Products & Further Expansion

With the product range growing and new editions in the traditional range imminent scale was heavily considered, as the site needed to be able to showcase more products as they were introduced and the layouts also had ecommerce integration in mind as being able to sell the orders direct via the site was a feature that would be introduced in time.

Bakels Home Baking Product Page Design

Directing Users Where They Want To Go

For users who preferred to purchase on the high street we had to include a stockist locator section, however with new stores being added regularly and not all of them stocking the full range of products, we had to visually present to the user which products were available and how far away they would need to travel.

The Bakels’ team through the back end CMS could modify and update this, inserting the stockist logo, address and selecting which products each store sells.

Bakels Home Baking Stockists Page

Making More Than Just Bread

A recipe area was created to allow the Bakels team to share ways the product mixes could be used to make alternate products such as Belgian Buns or Cookies. 🙂

Once again the team could add new recipes, photos as and when they were created.

Bakels Home Baking Recipes

Sharing Tips & News

Bakels had plans to regularly share baking tips and product news so we integrated a blog area with social commenting tool Disqus to encourage users to join the conversation online using their social login profiles such as Facebook & Twitter.

Bakels Home Baking Blog Page Layout Design

“Impact kept us in the loop throughout the project, from approval of wireframes and visuals to being able to view and add content to the site whilst on their test server. Once the project timeline was issued all milestones were met at the expected deadlines and the guys were always available to advise on any additions to the brief and continue to do so as the brand grows.”

Michael SchofieldMarketing Executive

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