Providing an app design and various UI styles & assets for Essex based energy management consultants; Energy Impact.

Energy Impact

After initially branding Energy Impact and the company’s various software and apps, we helped them define the overall look and feel for their flagship iPad app, Energy Doctor.

Project Background

Before the launch of the app, an energy audit could take weeks to carry out, from onsite surveys to compiling contractor quotes for implementation. With the clever use of technology the team developed an application that replaced hundreds of sheets of paper as well as having huge time savings.

Whilst touring a building, gathering data and taking photos directly on the device, the app can keep the entire survey stored locally until it is synced with the web based management system.

With a variety of modules an energy consultant could review lighting, heating, cooling and power generation providing an automatic survey with suitable recommendations on ways a business could improve their energy efficiency and reduce their spend. These reports are also send directly through to accredited suppliers who within days upload their proposal costs that allow the energy consultant to submit their proposal in next to no time at all.

With the app fully developed by the Energy Impact internal team, Impact provided the UI design for the various screen layouts and creative styles.

Creating The Full App Design & UI

The team already had a working prototype created which simply needed a branded skin and assets created to appear more consistent with their other recently created branded material.

We helped define the colour pallette for the brand as well as the various form styles, navigation, buttons, icons and text inputs which assisted their internal team when implementing directly into app.

Splash Login Page

User Dashboard

My Surveys

Creating & Editing A Survey

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