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Add Popups To Your Website with Popup Builder

by | Jul 31, 2018

Love it or hate them, website popups can be highly effective at capturing email addresses and signups. In the wake of GDPR, we provide a review on a plugin that can help marketers rebuild their email lists. Introducing Popup Builder.

This Month’s Recommended WordPress Plugin

Marketers are always under constant pressure to get more Facebook likes, increase the email subscriber list or simply help make more sales! With the constant demand of gaining more traffic to the website, they then need to focus on converting those visitors into customers and do this usually with a limited budget and time restraints.

Introducing Popup Builder

This premium plugin allow marketers to add popups to various pages on their website.

Popups can be an effective way of capturing data, pushing offers, gaining new social following or showcasing a promotion or new product /service.

This plugin ticks many boxes but we like it especially for the ability to trigger banners when the visitor appears to be leaving the site.

A feature that you may well have seen whilst browsing the web, yet it’s personally helped me a few times. Admittedly I do find them slightly frustrating and annoying sometimes, but I cannot argue that they are not effective.

Top Reasons Why We Love Popup Builder

1. Create exit intent popups to force action.
2. Can be used in conjunction to showcase your cookie consent for GDPR.
3. Age verification for age restricted content.
4. Present email contact forms to capture email addresses
5. Showcase latest offers or discount coupons
6. Present news or important service announcements
7. Gain new social followers, prompting people to follow the company pages.
8. Schedule popups for special occasions (Christmas etc)
9. Great after sales support.

Plugin Cost:

The platinum package is only $49.95 with 1 year’s support & updates. The platinum package allows you to install it on multiple websites, if you have a multi site environment. However if you are only utilising a single domain, then the Gold package at $24.95, also with 1 year’s support and updates.

Worth the yearly fee?

If you want the flexibility to create popups for different campaigns throughout the year. Definitely.

Where Can You Buy It?

Because this plugin is premium / paid only it is not available on the WordPress repository, so can be purchased from the Developers direct on link below.


We love a plugin, so be sure to catch up on next month’s featured plugin. However in the meantime if you are interested in installing the plugin on your website, please feel free to get in touch on 01268 858292, we’d love to help you.



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