Hide your coupon code fields to reduce your abandoned cart

by | Nov 12, 2018

If you want to know how to reduce the amount of abandoned carts your eCommerce website gets, then try out this handy tip.

So you’ve spent time researching the product you are about to buy, read reviews and done your due diligence on the company you are wanting to buy it from. You add the product to your basket and then click checkout.

“Wait, there’s a coupon box. I wonder if I can find a coupon code to get a discount?!”

Opens New window, carries out Google search, then checks out social channels and then catches up with friends. Totally forgetting about the basket ready to checkout.

Ok, so not every story looks like this, but for some this is a typical buying journey.

How can we help to improve it?

Very simply by hiding the coupon field, making it far less prominent.

If you are not using discounts or vouchers in your marketing strategy, then definitely hide the box. In its place put a similar sentence “Have a voucher, or enter coupon here” Make the user select to activate the option.

This way you are still offering the coupon option, however it is far less prominent or obvious.

Making the smallest of changes can make the biggest differences.

In peak seasons where discounting brings in far more traffic i.e. Black Friday or Christmas, don’t let your shoppers leave your website to try and hunt down vouchers.

If your marketing is pushing coupons then they will find the option where they need to add it to obtain their discount. You won’t need to show them.


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