Small changes can create a competitive advantage
Business, Branding, Strategy 3 Minute Read

Craft new USP’s out of the smallest of changes.

Implementing small changes can become an attractive USP for businesses that enable brands to fight over experience and not price.

James Coates - 9th February 2017
What Businesses Can Learn From Pokemon Go
Digital 6 Minute Read

Pokemon Go – What Businesses Can Learn

We take a look at the latest digital craze; Pokemon Go and provide some insight into what businesses can learn from the games’ technology or strategy.

James Coates - 26th July 2016
How Much Should You Budget For Logo Design or Company Rebrand
Branding 3 Minute Read

How Much Should You Budget For Your Rebrand or Logo Design?

Identify how much you would spend on yourself if you could rebrand your appearance and then weigh up the importance of your company’s face and what that’s worth to you.

James Coates - 22nd July 2016
Poor experience and product diversification can damage your brand
Branding 3 Minute Read

Are poor experiences damaging your brand?

Whether you are pushing out Groupon deals or introducing new products and services to capture new business; are the experiences consistent with your customer’s brand expectations?

James Coates - 18th July 2016
Is Uber Killing Our London Taxis?
Business 2 Minute Read

Is Uber Killing Our British Identity?

Is technology really wiping out a profession? How can Black Cabbies compete and what might our London streets look like in a few years?

James Coates - 29th April 2016
Is the Print Industry Dying?
Print 1 Minute Read

Is Print Dead?

As news of the Independent newspaper is ceasing its print production, does this mean that the print industry is dying?

James Coates - 13th February 2016
Branding 6 Minute Read

15 Products You’ll Actually Know By Their Brand Name

If your company could be known for a single thing, what would it be? These 15 brands seemed to have nailed it…

James Coates - 29th January 2016
Digital 3 Minute Read

Why Wireframing Is An Important Part Of Our Design Process

A wireframe, also sometimes referred to as a "screen blueprint", is a skeletal representation of any website or mobile application [...]

Joe Dawson - 28th January 2016