Website Design for Essex Based Cleaning Company Deep Blue

Website Design for Essex Cleaning Company

Creating a new responsive website for Essex based cleaning business Deep Blue Cleaning.

After establishing a solid reputation in Essex for Oven cleaning and commercial office cleaning; DeepBlue knew that they had outgrown their existing holding website, Impact helped them move their website to the next step, through a WordPress CMS allowing them to add and modify content internally.

Cleaning Up Their Act

DeepBlue are an Essex based cleaning business that’s been established since 2012 primarily providing oven cleaning, commercial office cleaning and carpet cleaning to homes and businesses around the Southend / Basildon area.

With a majority of their business coming directly through recommendation and social media, The DeepBlue team were looking at harnising some of their social media power by directing followers to their website to make their bookings / enquiries.

With Facebook before and after galleries the most engaging content on their page, having a centrally managed point where the team could now divert users was extremely benefical. Allowing users to browse through a gallery as to timeline photos took them from Facebook to active users on their website.

Working with DeepBlue since their launch, we have helped deliver their initial branding as well as other print design material and now a WordPress powered website aswell as providing the team with relevant training in which to add and modify content / photos.

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Responsive Website Design for Stonebridge Genus, DA Mortgage service in Essex

Responsive Website For Stonebridge

Creating a new responsive website for the Stonebridge Group’s new directly authorised service; Genus.

Working with Stonebridge’s marketing team we helped deliver their vision for their new mortgage service into a responsive WordPress powered website.

Delivering Vision

Stonebridge are one of the UK’s largest mortgage brokers and are the preferred business partners to many other mortgage brokers and financial advisors throughout the UK.

In supporting their clients they provide an Appointed Representative service which enables brokers and advisors to provide various financial services using their exclusive network and authorisation through the FCA. The process of brokers gaining their own representation can be quite strenuous, and this is why the Genus service was introduced.

Working towards a very clear vision from the Stonebridge marketing team, we helped deliver the WordPress powered site and provided the relevant training for their team in which to add and modify content.

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Bradley Bond Interiors Essex Logo design & Rebrand

Logo Design & Rebrand for Essex Interiors Firm

Revolutionising the interior design firm’s identity to coincide with their many high profile projects.

Essex based interior design firm were looking to rebrand to establish an identity that matched the ultra modern and contemporary business.

Change Is Good

After establishing the business within only the last 12 months, the business has excelled rapidly and after a ‘quick’ solution for the logo was developed with a clothing order, the team knew that the image portrayed was not one that would allow them to grow the brand successfully.

With the existing logo being misread as Radley Rond this became the catalyst to rebrand and change the look and feel of the company identity. The brief was to ensure readability of the brand name whilst also creating a brandmark that could be used indepenently whether on social or workwear.

With a few concepts created, we already had a clear idea for the design we wanted to deliver and retaining a similar colour palette, completely evolved the mark into a clean, modern and elegant design.

We are now preparing to roll out the new identity on the company vans / trucks as well as printed stationery and large hoardings across their sites throughout London. We are also constructing a new website for the guys too and look to follow that up with further marketing campaigns and support the brand as it continues to grow.

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Double L Rebrand - Logo & Identity Evolution

Rebrand & Logo Evolution for Double L

Impact assist in evolving the 40+ year logo in new rebrand.

Essex based roofing & building contractors Double L were looking to modernise their visual identity, but didn’t want to lose the historic LL that’s been with the company since 1975. Impact Media helped evolve the mark with a fresh, modern and simplistic identity.

Rebrand Leads New Transformation

Since 1975 Double L have been represented by their brickwork LL which was created by the 2 original founders of the business. The logo was also integrated with bricks within the company’s head office when the premises was built several years ago, so to completely move away from the well recognised mark would have been a disaster for the history of the brand.

We carefully created various concepts that incorporated the mark, however we felt the mark too dated to fully include every aspect, so simplifying the overall appearance within a new graphic that could be seen as the logicial next step for the business.

With the logo and identity complete, our focus is now on re-developing the company website and assisting the business roll out the identity through various touchpoints and applications… however the original brickwork logo is remaining within the bricks of the office as a historic symbol of where the company started.

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Exzo Herbal Tea Packaging Design

New Packaging Design for Exzo's Herbal Tea Range

Impact design new herbal tea packaging for exzo’s Clenzo range.

After recently producing the packaging and label designs for Exzo’s health supplement range, Impact have created the pouch design for their new detox herbal tea range; Clenzo.

Introducing Something Different

The market for herbal tea is constantly growing so achieving cut through is becoming far more difficult, however Exzo understand that people buy whether on or offline with their eyes and wanted to focus on creating a visually striking pouch design to house their new tea bags.

After developing a various sub brands for alternate health categories the ‘health and wellbeing’ division adopted the purple colour palette, so rolling out with the eye catching colours immediately stood out compared to many brands utilising a green or blue palette.

We also wanted to retain some consistency between the designs of the supplement range, so followed suit from the powder splash effect used on the supplements, and used a colour infusion for the tea to represent the natural flavours included within the recipe.

The overall design was kept fairly simple to reduce the amound of colours required for the production process, yet avoiding compromising the vibrance of the packaging.

With plans to roll out alternate flavours, Impact have also produced multi-colour variants for the other flavours yet all the colours are well complemented to the purple health & wellbeing colour palette.

If you want to get your hands on the new range of tea bags, they’re available now from Amazon Here.


Vetro Tooling Launch K-Line

Vetro Tooling launch new their own brand stone tooling line

Impact Media have been working continously with Vetro Tooling since 2005  helping with their online ordering and stock management system aswell as assisting with other branding and marketing material.

In recent years the company have expanded and began branching out from solely glass tooling to providing their clients with stone tooling and accessories too. With a host of stocked brand names, Vetro wanted to introduce their own branded line of CNC diamonds; introducing K-Line.

Impact were tasked with creating an identity that could be utilised via the website as well as laser etched and engraved directly to the tooling itself in single colour.

Here’s a few shots of the finalised logo and a couple of mock applications.

Grouts Wordpress Ecommerce WooCommerce Website Goes Live

New Ecommerce Website For Grout's The Bakers

New Responsive Ecommerce Website for Grout’s The Bakers

The Impact Media team have been working tirelessly on launching a new ecommerce website for Essex based bakery firm Grout’s the Bakers. After launching a first iteration of their website back in 2009, it was time for a facelift… whilst also adding some new features.

We assisted in overseeing a new photoshoot allowing the brand to provide their customers with full access to their instore menus, whilst also allowing for buffets and celebration cakes to be purchased online.

Implementing the WordPress CMS to allow the Grout’s team to add and modify their own content to help drive online sales on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

A full case study will be coming soon, but until then please take a look and as always we’d love to hear your thoughts on the project 🙂

View The Grout’s Website


New Rebrand for Spark Audio

Audio Gets a Visual Overhaul

Creative Audio production firm Spark Audio who are the masterminds behind many popular radio jingles and advertisements were looking for an identity overhaul. After re-locating their studio they thought it was time for a fresh start and new look too.

The Impact team helped to completely revolutionise the existing identity, giving it new life whilst creating a tagline around the company’s core value… Creativity.

Being that there’s always a constant flow of creative ideas, we considered the tagline to be a perfect fit for the business and produced a brandmark that was heavily focused on the audio repeat symbol. Modifying the easily recognisable symbol into an ’s’ shape as well as trying to merge to 2 arrows to also symbolise the infinity mark, with another connection to the infinite flow of ideas.

Below shows a few visuals of the new logo, some pages from the newly created brand guidelines and a few mock example applications.