Google Introduce New Pay as You Go Pricing for Google Maps

Google are now charging for using Google Maps. Will your business be affected?

After launching their new Google Maps Platform recently they’re changing the way they charge companies using their Google Maps API. Here’s an overview of what has changed, what charges are coming into place and who is likely to be most affected.

First Thing is First.

If your website displays a simple dynamic map with a pin to your office location, and nothing else; then no charges will apply…

Sigh of relief to many people, however you are now required to have a valid credit / debit card on file when using the Google Maps platform, even though the service remains free.

Your web agency might even have done this on your behalf, so you might not need to worry at all.

The New Pricing Structure

The newly relaunched Google Maps Platform brings together Maps including the dynamic maps, Streetview and also 360 degrees, with Google Routes (Directions) as well as Google Places (for reviews, locations on business pages).

Although Maps has always been Free, there has been paid option for heavy users of the system for quite a few years, however it is only in July that Google have introduced the new pay as you go pricing structure.

You Can View The New Google Maps Pricing Here

Who Can Use Maps for Free?

A majority of Google maps users can continue to use maps for free, whether they use more than just the simple map or not, as Google are providing a $200 monthly credit which will more than cater for most business’ use of the service.

How Far will the $200 Credit Stretch?

If using the simple dynamic maps showing the location of your business with a pin, this will be completely free and not part of your credit, therefore the map can be served an unlimited number of times.

1. Styled Maps

If you customise the look or use ‘styled’ maps (for example nightmode) then this is where the credit will begin to be used.

If you use styled maps on your website then expect your $200 to obtain 100,000 loads.

2. Dynamic Maps – Streetview

If your website uses the Streetview feature then you this will be chargeable. Expect your $200 to obtain 28,000 loads.

3. Routes & Directions

If your website provides a resource for your customers to work out the best route to visit your business, you can expect this to happen 40,000 times before using up your $200 credit.

4. GeoLocation

If your website uses locations of places nearby i.e. an estate agent showcasing local schools or shops, then expect the $200 to stretch as far as delivering 11,500 api calls.

Monthly Renewal and Creating a Spend Limit

Lastly just discussing the credit, as mentioned this is renewed monthly, but at the same time you can also put a limit on the account for the money you spend, so if you didn’t want any additional costs for your website, you can automatically halt any API calls the website makes to the Google Maps platform after the $200 free credit has been used.

What businesses may incur charges for using Google Maps?

In a nutshell, high traffic websites or websites that will not doubt use much of the Google maps platform such as the routes to help plan journeys or streetview to investigate the local area.

Estate agents showcasing the neighborhood or a travel business showcasing travel routes. Ultimately, the more traffic your website receives, the more chance your business will need to pay for using the service.

Remember though you only pay after your credit has been used, and the credit renews every month.

If you use more than one service, you will need to take a look at the pricing table to see how a combination of these fees could impact your business.


If you are unsure on anything from this post, then please free to get in touch. If you have recently noticed errors on your maps on your website, then it might be that your agency has not yet added card details for pulling the Google Maps API, get them to look at this first, before investigating other issues.

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Impact Media - WordPress plugin of the month - July. Popup Builder

Add Popups To Your Website with Popup Builder

Love it or hate them, website popups can be highly effective at capturing email addresses and signups. In the wake of GDPR, we provide a review on a plugin that can help marketers rebuild their email lists. Introducing Popup Builder.

This Month’s Recommended WordPress Plugin

Marketers are always under constant pressure to get more Facebook likes, increase the email subscriber list or simply help make more sales! With the constant demand of gaining more traffic to the website, they then need to focus on converting those visitors into customers and do this usually with a limited budget and time restraints.

Introducing Popup Builder

This premium plugin allow marketers to add popups to various pages on their website.

Popups can be an effective way of capturing data, pushing offers, gaining new social following or showcasing a promotion or new product /service.

This plugin ticks many boxes but we like it especially for the ability to trigger banners when the visitor appears to be leaving the site.

A feature that you may well have seen whilst browsing the web, yet it’s personally helped me a few times. Admittedly I do find them slightly frustrating and annoying sometimes, but I cannot argue that they are not effective.

Impact Media - WordPress plugin of the month - July. Popup Builder

Top Reasons Why We Love Popup Builder

1. Create exit intent popups to force action.
2. Can be used in conjunction to showcase your cookie consent for GDPR.
3. Age verification for age restricted content.
4. Present email contact forms to capture email addresses
5. Showcase latest offers or discount coupons
6. Present news or important service announcements
7. Gain new social followers, prompting people to follow the company pages.
8. Schedule popups for special occasions (Christmas etc)
9. Great after sales support.

Plugin Cost:
The platinum package is only $49.95 with 1 year’s support & updates. The platinum package allows you to install it on multiple websites, if you have a multi site environment. However if you are only utilising a single domain, then the Gold package at $24.95, also with 1 year’s support and updates.

Worth the yearly fee?
If you want the flexibility to create popups for different campaigns throughout the year. Definitely.

Where Can You Buy It?
Because this plugin is premium / paid only it is not available on the WordPress repository, so can be purchased from the Developers direct on link below.

View Plugin Website


We love a plugin, so be sure to catch up on next month’s featured plugin. However in the meantime if you are interested in installing the plugin on your website, please feel free to get in touch on 01268 858292, we’d love to help you.

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Athona Recruitment WordPress Website Design

New WordPress website for Athona Recruitment

Creating a new responsive website for one of the UK's leading healthcare & education recruiters.

Athona recruitment were looking to relaunch their website with an improvement in the way that users searches for jobs as well as update the overall look and feel to align with recent branding and company structural changes.

Athona Recruitment WordPress Website Design

Creating a Clean, Candidate Focused Website

Athona were looking to relaunch their WordPress recruitment website and approached Impact for the redesign.

We were tasked to improve the overall user experience, and simplify the look and feel. The team wanted to focus on making the experience all about the candidate and making it quick and easy for them to discover, and apply for available roles. The website had taken a large spike in recent months for mobile traffic, so developing a fast to load mobile experience was vital to the success of the new project.

We Integrated the website with recruitment software Broadbean to deliver their job listings in a clean, minimal design, following clear instructions to avoid the use of stock photography where possible.

The team were instructed to deliver a website that wouldn’t be seen as “just another recruitment company’ and wanted to avoid the heavy use of stock photography, which has become very much the norm in the industry.

With focus around the Athona brand colours and introducing the out of focus video loops for the key pages, we were able to achieve just the right balance of copy and imagery for the design.

The website is now live and is already achieving quicker page loading times, and a reduction in page bounce rate.

A full case study will be available soon, but until then, we’d love to hear what you think 🙂

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Marketing Managers Save 5 Hours A Week - WordPress Support & Maintenance

INFOGRAPHIC: Save 5 Hours Per Week on WordPress Maintenance

Our WordPress support and maintenance saves our clients a considerable amount of time each month. With testing, updates and being on call if the worst should happen, we decided to create an infographic to showcase some of the time savings.

Marketing Managers Save 5 Hours A Week - WordPress Support & Maintenance
Share This Infographic


Are you struggling to find time in your busy schedule to maintain your website, let alone the other countless tasks on what seems to be a never ending list?

We understand the struggle, that’s why we introduced our support & maintenance service.

Why not let us see how much time we can save you? Speak to us today about our Support Unlimited Plans on 020 3355 8747.

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WordPress Training Videos - Using Yoast To Alter Preview Images

Yoast: Social Page Sharing Done Right

Take control of your preview images when sharing your WordPress pages and posts on social media. A 4 minute video can teach you how to change the image within the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress.

Scrolling through Linkedin recently I witnessed a recruitment agency who are pretty frequent with posting their job roles, not capitalising on customising the open graph or preview image that appears when their page was shared on social media.

What image am I talking about?

Typically when you share a link on Facebook or Twitter, a preview appears that looks a bit like this:

WordPress Training Videos - Using Yoast To Alter Preview Images

The image is pulled from the website and unless selected by the website owner, the social channel will automatically choose an image to use from the website – this maybe the hero image or in the example case I have been discussing; the company logo.

Now what’s the problem with sharing the company logo you ask? Well nothing, as it is great brand awareness, however in a sea of images a repetition of several posts in a row will just become noise. With nothing to fight for your attention, the image actually becomes fairly redundant.

With this WordPress tip, we want to show how you can make more of an impact on your social channels, when sharing pages from your WordPress website.

Before watching the video, please note we are recommending using Yoast SEO plugin, you can achieve the same results with the Free version, you don’t necessarily need to upgrade to the pro.

What Is Yoast?

Chances are if you have a WordPress website, you have this plugin installed. Yoast has been downloaded 40 million times. If you have ever wondered what it was, then this is only a snippet of how it can help your website.

If you’re not familiar with it at all – then it is a SEO plugin for WordPress that allows you to customise individual page titles, meta descriptions and more. What you need to know is that SEO and digital marketing agencies love using it, as it makes their job quicker and easier. So if you haven’t got it yet feel free to get in touch we can help install it, if you cannot or would rather not do this yourself.

5 Benefits of Customising The Image?

1. Although you no doubt always customise the wording in your social post, images actually gain more attention. Scroll through your newsfeed, what grabs your attention first? The copy or the image?
2. Provide a reinforcement of your message by including some of the messaging within the image.
3. When you share an image directly, on click Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin all enlarge the image, if you were to embed the image within the link, when the user clicks the image, they are directed to your website.
4. By customising the image, you can design a call to action or button within the image, increasing the chances of users clicking the image to visit your page.
5. By changing your image for every page you share, you can break free of the constant noise, and like the recruitment agency mentioned above, provide your followers with fresh and relevant messaging related to the page that are trying to direct them to.


Yoast is a fantastic plugin and one we always install within every new WordPress build. We have more content and a helpful guide coming soon to help marketers understand how they can ‘Make the Most of Yoast’

If you want to be first to find out when the guide is available, get plugged in to our Impact Media Newsletter.

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June’s Plugin Of The Month: WP Media Folder

We love WordPress (obviously) but the media library does frustrate us with its lack of organisation. Well if it frustrates you to, then you’ll love WP Media Folder.

This Month’s Recommended WordPress Plugin

WordPress is the perfect content publishing tool, we love it and so do millions of others, but when you are creating many images in different sizes for different positions… well it can get confusing and time consuming checking the files to see which ones which. Trying to reuse an older image, well that’s an even longer process.

Introducing WP Media Folder

This premium plugin takes the headache away and keeps everything neatly organised within the existing Media Library.

Create folders for images like ‘Hero Banners’ ‘Thumbnails’ etc. If you have a WooCommerce store, this plugin will be an absolute godsend keeping your product photos organised too.

Top Reasons Why We Love WP Media Folder

1. Works within the existing Media Library
2. Great user interface, very similar to Google Drive
3. Create folders and move images with ease
4. Organise, Sort & Arrange Your Media
5. Option to add watermarks to images
6. Works with Visual Composer, Divi Builder & Other Leading Page Builders.
7. Multilingual ready
8. Batch edit image information (great for SEO)
9. Integrates with Google Drive & Dropbox

Plugin Cost:
$39 with 1 year’s support & updates. If you choose the additional add on version which allows the integration with Google Drive among other features, this option is still only $59. Bargain.

Worth the yearly fee?
For the time it will save, definitely.

Where Can You Buy It?
Because this plugin is premium / paid only it is not available on the WordPress repository, so can be purchased from the Developers direct on link below.

View Plugin Website


We love a plugin, so be sure to catch up on next month’s featured plugin. However in the meantime if you are interested in installing the plugin on your website, please feel free to get in touch on 01268 858292, we’d love to help you.

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Impact Media - WordPress Theme VS Custom

Theme V Custom. Why WordPress Themes Will Only Get You So Far. Part 1

Whether it’s cost, speed or price; WordPress templates flood the market. But not all are fit for purpose. We provide our thoughts on the pros and cons on both the template / theme and the custom / bespoke approach.

Impact Media - WordPress Theme VS Custom

In the Blue Corner we have the challenger:

“The WordPress Theme”

What is a theme or template?

A WordPress theme is a template solution that is pretty much ‘ready to go’. It has already been designed, coded, tested and is simply awaiting your content and brand to hit the go button.

There are over 11,500 WordPress themes available on ThemeForest (a popular template selling website) and the most popular theme has been downloaded over 400,000 times, that is a single template is in use on nearly half a million websites.

Themes are very popular, and with some of the pros demonstrated below, you can see why.

Pros of WordPress Theme / Templates

1. Low Cost

The most obvious choice is of course Price. Starting from as little as, well Free; you can explore the library and discover a theme that’s right for your business and your budget. Typically the most popular themes are priced around the £50 mark, which for a new or young business can be highly attractive.

2. Time & Speed

Being that you are simply shopping for a website like you’re buying your groceries, the time it takes to get a template website live is a fraction of the time it would take compared to a fully bespoke solution.

Depending on the agency or developer you are speaking with, times can range from a few days to a month, depending on the amount of customisation needed, who is adding the content or simply how busy the agency / developer are.

3. Good Looking Design

Most of the demonstration websites do look very appealing. Many of the most popular themes start with a core design which has been adapted multiple times to produce industry focused designs.

I.e. A plumber can see a version of the website that would suit a plumbing company, with selected stock photography already in place – this makes an easier buying experience for the small business.

4. Bundled Plugins For Customisation

Most of the popular themes come with page builder plugins that allow the user to be able to customise the website themselves, and juggle with the page layouts and even create new page templates.

Some other plugins like font libraries and header menus are also usually bundled in to allow the user the ability to customise the experience to try to make it more their own.

5. Easy To Use

I say this fairly loosely. Although their purpose is to allow users to be able to pretty much build the website themselves, the themes should still be implemented by a competent person.

Although the skill level to achieve this is not what is required of a bespoke or custom website, we’d recommend using a developer or agency to carry out the customisation, they’d complete it in a fraction of the time it would take to read the documentation.

6. Better than an under construction page

A motto we live by is “get it up, and get it going”. Spending too long not making a decision can be costly. A theme regardless of standard, with the right content will always provide more opportunities that not putting anything live at all. Even if it is just temporary, it beats looking at a under construction page.

Cons of WordPress Theme / Templates

There are of course many cons to WordPress themes.

1. They are not Built Around Your Business

Themes are multi-purpose created for the masses rather than your individual business. Being that they are templates, you are shoehorning your business into the website, rather than building the website around the business’ goals and objectives.

2. They are not Conversion Focused

Being that the themes are not built around your business’ objectives, they are also not focused around your content or customer journey.

Although in most themes you can customise the layout, you could find yourself customising the entire website to make sure it fits with your brand, which is slightly counter productive.

3. The theme might not be ‘On Brand’

If you’ve invested in your branding and offline marketing, the website should be the pinnacle of your marketing mix. It is where all your advertising will no doubt be directed to – so it needs to communicate who your business is. A generic layout with your logo positioned where the theme allows, may not meet your brand guidelines (and really upset your brand designer – they can be really touchy).

Aside to the logo, if you have additional brand assets, such as: diagrams, illustrations or other shapes. Can these be placed as they need to be, or does the theme restrict the visual appearance of how they should be displayed.

4. You Are Not Alone

Ever walked into a party and saw two people wearing the same outfit?

As mentioned above the top selling theme on Themeforest has been downloaded over 400,000 times. So chances are you may even see your competitor with a very similar website. If you go down the theme route, ensure that you invest more in customisation to ensure that you make it more your own.

5. WordPress themes are Bloated With Plugins & Unused Features

Although a massive positive having so many features as your fingertips, but once the site is setup – some of the features are not even needed. Some themes come with WooCommerce (allowing you to sell online), forums and other plugins that appeal to the mass market, but once the site is launched, some of these features and plugins and redundant.

In a recent audit of a template theme and a custom website, the theme had 27 plugins compared to the 5 from the custom website. Over half of the theme’s plugins weren’t in use, but we’re bundled into the theme. This adds a potentially heavy overhead to the site which inevitably slows the website down, as well as open up possible security risks, if the plugins were not kept up to date.

6. They can be painfully slow

There can be many reasons for poor loading speeds: hosting, poorly setup site, image sizes or but most of the time the theme has so much going on in the background, that the site just falls behind.

Imagine an extremely overweight person running a 100m sprint with Usian Bolt. Slow speeds can seriously increase your website bounce rate. With 55% of all users spending as little as 15 seconds on a website before leaving, if your site takes 5-10 seconds to load; they’re not staying very long.

Slow speeds also affect conversion rates with every second in loading time decreases the conversion rate by 7%.

The more weight, the slower the speed. This negative experience is not just for your customer, but the backend editing experience can be painfully slow too, meaning it takes you much more time to make simple updates.

7. They Can Be A Security Risk

The most popular themes are usually targeted by hackers who may look to exploit some of the multiple plugins for their own agendas or gain. Whether the plugins are being used or not if they are activated and not kept up to date, then they can pose security risks for your website.

Ensuring that any unused plugins are deactivated can reduce risk as well as looking at investing in a 3rd party firewall for your website such as Securi.

8. They are simply not scalable.

This is where we see so many businesses commit to a custom website. After experiencing some of the above flaws with themes, the biggest frustration is trying to scale or add new features.

Adding new pages or content is extremely easy, but adding a new page with new functionality can cause and array of problems. Although it can be done, you are modifying the theme to get this to work, which could be another problem altogether. If the theme hasn’t been setup as a ‘child’, when updating the theme in the future, your changes maybe lost as the theme update won’t contain your modification.

9. Support & Updates Could Stop

Theme developers usually provide a paid ongoing support to help with bug fixes and provide updates for security.

If you decide to stop paying the support fee or if the developer decides they no longer want to or find the time to support the theme; this could expose your business to possible security risks.

Themes that are no longer supported or have updated provided can actually be more costly in the long term, as your agency will need to modify the theme to solve any issues you may be having.


We never taboo themes because they have a purpose in the market. We feel that they are a great foundation for startups to get online relatively quickly and in a cost effective way.

Without experiencing the pitfalls of a theme, businesses cannot appreciate the custom approach. We have seen our clients take this journey and we are happy to help them take it. The moment of clarity happens when the website first becomes critical to the client and they begin asking about adding new features and discussing ideas that fall outside of the theme. It is that moment when they begin dreaming of what version 2 of the website will look like, and function.

That brings us to the end of part 1 of our 2 part journey. If you want to read about our champion in the red corner, then get notified by joining our email list below.

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GDPR Privacy Policy Templates

GDPR Privacy Policy Templates

Have you updated your privacy policy yet in relation to the upcoming GDPR regulation change? If the answer is no, then we have some good news for you.

GDPR Privacy Policy Templates Download

With the GDPR deadline edging closer each day, one of the tasks associated with your website’s journey to GDPR compliance, is an updated privacy policy.

Impact Media have partnered with GDPR Privacy Policy to provide a discount code on their library of templates that include a privacy policy and cookie policy.

These templates can provide the foundation for your business to modify based around your website’s features / functions or the way your website collects data.

Using the code IMPACTMEDIA at checkout will provide a £15 discount from either their Basic or Premium package, priced £150+vat and £200+vat respectively.

Do you know what plugins collect data on your website?

A website audit will investigate what plugins collect data, what cookies are used to track visitor behavior and what data is being collected and where it is being stored. This information is helpful for completing your GDPR privacy policies.

Learn More

Award Finalists at Essex Digital Awards for WordPress Website Design

We're Double Finalists at The Essex Digital Awards

Impact Media are finalists in the 2018 Essex Digital Awards in 2 Different Categories for both Grout's The Bakers and the Fresh Property website. Super Chuffed.

Award Finalists at Essex Digital Awards for WordPress Website Design

A Good Old Knees Up

We’re always looking at bettering everything we do. Every project must be better than the last, it is our strict company culture. We’re pleased to say that over the past 15 years this culture has seen the Impacters score over 15 awards. This May we hope to add 2 more to our tally.

The Essex Digital Awards celebrates excellence in the web community in our home county of Essex.

A WooCommerce website we have created for Grout’s The Bakers is a finalist in the ‘Best Online Retailer’ category.

Fresh Property’s WordPress website that integrates with Rightmove is a finalist in the ‘Lifestyle & Culture’ Category.

Both sites face stiff competition, but we have our fingers crossed. The evening is on May 3rd and the team will be attending the evening for the fine dining and copious alcohol we will no doubt consume whatever the outcome of the awards.

It’s always nice to push boundaries and constantly improve everything we do, so a night out for the team is always a great reward for their hard efforts throughout every project.

Roll on May.

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15 Years & 8000 Projects and counting - Impact Media

15 Years and 8,000 Successful Projects… and counting.

2018 is Impact Media’s 15th year in business and last week we also scheduled in our 8000th project. But much has changed in 15 years.

Hitting 15 Years and 8000 Project Milestone

Last week we booked in a website update for a client and the project number that was assigned was 8000. (We started them at zero before you ask) That’s a pretty big milestone in our history and we wanted to share it with the world 🙂

2003 was when our story began and much has changed since then. The web has evolved, technology has evolved, and we’d like to think we have too.

8,000 projects haven’t always been just website builds, in the past we were a full service agency; providing basically anything and everything from marketing to branding. Through our lengthy journey we have gained vital experience in the way we deliver projects, and also our service offering.

As the web has evolved our capabilities have to, but also our staff resources has been deployed on far more technical support, integration and general maintenance tasks, which is only continuing to grow.

After being a full service agency for 14 years we felt our journey had no clear direction and we were being seen the same as every other agency fighting for the same “we can do that” projects.

In 2017 we made the decision that as a company we wanted to have a greater focus and dictate how we wanted to be seen by clients and prospects; so we began dropping many of the services we provided and focused on only 3.

  1. The building & integration of custom WordPress websites.
  2. Supporting WordPress websites.
  3. Evolving WordPress websites.

WordPress Integration Specialists

We reviewed what the core of our business was and what as a team we perform the greatest at. That was WordPress development and integration.

We also identified that although there are hundreds of agencies who provide basic WordPress installation and customisation; only a handful were capable of advanced development and integration. Our capabilities were not just template installs, but fully bespoke custom solutions that would have many 3rd party integrations – we discovered our niche.

The service offering also developed into its own journey, as the web is always changing; a website is never finished. Websites follow a continuous cycle and the ongoing support of them should be at the centre of this journey.

Impact Media - Supporting Your Digital Journey - Build, Support & Evolve WordPress Powered Websites

After creating the foundations for your website, it requires continuous support and ongoing maintenance and improvements. At some stage, usually around 3-5 years it may even need an overhaul. Thus the continuous cycle.

Reducing Our Service Offering

So we began to look at what services didn’t fall into this journey or full our global process.

Digital Marketing

We began phasing out our digital marketing services. We see it as its own journey and strategy that can work hand in hand with the website, however a majority of the paid search campaigns we provided utilised third party landing page tools – which wasn’t using the website to bring in leads.

Paid search for us also didn’t fall into our day to day process and we felt that if we partnered with other agencies, we could support the website and they could focus on driving traffic.

So we are now partnering with dedicated digital marketing agencies who can assist with PPC and SEO campaigns.

They will help to create marketing strategies and set goals that will work with your website whilst also managing the 3rd party landing page tools for successful lead conversion.


Since our launch we have always assisted in the branding process. Usually in rebranding businesses and helping to create a platform for growth. However branding is an artform and requires dedicated people to craft and plan the process. If the branding project wasn’t including a website, then a large majority of our team were not aware of the client or the project and we had a certain disconnect.

One of our guiding principles is “Wear Their Shoes” we want every team member to understand who the client is and what they are looking to achieve. Allowing anyone to work on a project and instantly get passionate about what they are doing and who they are doing it for.

We discuss clients and ideas it helps us constantly improve how we help them. Branding was becoming a lone wolf so we decided that we would find partners who we could work with once the branding stage was finalised.

Print Design

Print design services once again provided this level of disconnect. So although we still have print design capabilities, we are focusing only on projects that directly relate to a website or website update, such as PDF downloads or product brochures.

We have partnered with dedicated design agencies who can cater for exhibition graphics, leaflets, print adverts, and general printed collateral.

Narrowing Our Focus

With the single focus of WordPress Integration, our team can concentrate on how we continue to improve and evolve our service offering.

We have evolved our Support offering over the past couple of years. Including website security and managed WordPress hosting with Unlimited Support – something that as I write this is unrivalled.

We are also building a maintenance ordering system to allow clients to search for updates which will have fixed-fees, for such tasks as plugin installs or certain integrations. We want to make this solution as easy and quick to use for clients as possible, so they can focus on their day to day marketing tasks, not writing briefs and obtaining quotes.

Our website builds and our process is very comprehensive, however vital in the success of establishing a solid and scalable foundation for a website to grow. We understand that every client is different and their objectives too – why have a website that was designed for any business to use?!

We value the importance of building from the ground up and although this might be a far more expensive process compared to a theme installation, it pays dividends in the long term when you are looking to make improvements.

So What Do We Actually Do - Some Example WordPress Services

The core of what we do ultimately surrounds a website. But here’s a few service examples to help paint a clearer picture.


Provide the custom creation of a WordPress website from discovery, wireframes to fully front and back end integration with WordPress. We also browser and device compatibility test and provide training to teams on how to add and manage content.


Whether on an adhoc basis or via our Support Unlimited plans, we cater for:

  • Fixing Hacked WordPress Websites
  • Compatibility & Periodic Testing
  • Plugin Updates & License Renewals
  • Bug fixes & Security Patches
  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Website Security Firewall
  • Regular Website Backups


  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • User Experience Reviews & Improvements
  • Web Strategy Workshops
  • WordPress training workshops
  • Plugin Installation & Development
  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Content Population & Image Sourcing
  • New feature implementation & Updates
  • API integration
  • Web Banners & PDF Resources

Ultimately via our Evolve solutions we aim to provide services that support marketing teams rather than becoming their marketing team.


So with 8,000 projects down, the projects we undertake might be slightly different to the early years but our enthusiasm and attention to detail remains the same.

2018 also marks an incredible 15 year journey. We are proud and truly grateful to our clients who have contributed and continue to contribute to our existence. We hope that the services we provide today remain to support their businesses tomorrow.

Here’s to the next 15 years.

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