Micah Kwaka
WordPress Developer


Background & Role

Micah has over 6 years of web development experience, particularly in PHP and WordPress. He loves WordPress for its adaptability and scalability, giving businesses fully bespoke and custom websites. All of this with ease of use for website owners.

He is adventurous and determined, which are great assets for web development. He also speaks 3 languages (English, French & Lingala) which is great for multilingual projects, and client relationships.

His favourite thing about life is as a developer is seeing the hard work pay off, when a site goes live and the client is delighted.


Micah is a self confessed nerd and is particularly passionate about comic books and gaming. He's a huge DC fan, especially anything Superman, The Joker, The Flash and Darkseid, but he also has a lot of love for Marvel's Hulk.

In his spare time, you'll probably find him playing his Xbox or reading comics. He's also a massive NBA fan.

Key Facts
#1 Fun Fact
Can eat 2 whole large pizzas in one sitting
#2 Forgotten Achievement
Won player of the tournament for his college football team
#3 Karaoke Number
4 :P
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